Our major periodicals are:

Penang Monthly, a magazine available in print and online. Penang Institute is unique in being a think tank that publishes a popular city magazine. 3000 copies are printed each month and it exerts an online presence that reached 230,000 readers from around the world in 2016. Penang Monthly was founded in 2009.

The Penang Book Prize is awarded at the George Town Literary Festival that is in November every year.

ISSUES, a downloadable policy e-brief. Inaugurated on 16 June 2017, this series is disseminated by email, and with printed copies are distributed to decision makers in Penang, both in the public and private sectors.

The Penang Institute monograph series makes accessible in detail and at length, analyses and findings of research projects concluded at the Institute. They are meant to stimulate academic discussions on subjects important to Penang and Malaysia and contributes towards making policy making in the country more evidence-based.

Who are the team members?

Regina Hoo, Writer
Regina Hoo is a Broadcasting and Journalism major from the University of Wolverhampton.

Noorhasyilah Rosli, Admin

Nur Fitriah, Designer