Preparing for the Future of Working Life

By Braema Mathiaparanam (Visiting Senior Research Fellow, History & Regional Studies Programme)   |   Posted on


  • Working from home needs to be normalised in the future and made available to as many workers as possible, with more flexible work arrangements.
  • Digitalisation of workplaces needs to happen in order for remote work to become a norm as both workplaces and the nature of jobs are already changing in a globally connected world.
  • Restructuring plans must support micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises on their digitalisation journey as well as help workers to gain new skills, identify growth industries and prepare the population for the changes ahead to ensure that no one is left behind in this transformation to more digital workplaces.
  • Governments ought to set up a central committee of multi-stakeholder specialists to take on an integrated and comprehensive approach for economic recovery road maps for the short, mid and long term.