Publicity & Publications

Sheryl Teoh Chiau Yin
Assistant Editor (Penang Monthly)

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Linfield College, a liberal arts college in the United States, and majored in History with a focus on Classical Greece and Rome. Her interests include the study of philosophy as well as a range of humanities and socio-political issues.

Rachel Yeoh
Assistant Editor (Penang Monthly)

Rachel Yeoh is an Assistant Editor for Penang Monthly and a former journalist. For the sake of work-life balance, she disengages herself from the screen after hours to engage in the world of performing arts.

Iylia De Silva
Digital Marketer

She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from University of London.

Dr Rahida Aini
Publications Officer

She graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia in 2019 with a Ph.D in Public Management. She is currently a Publication officer with Penang Institute.

Nur Fitriah
Graphic Designer

She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of graphic and multimedia design. She used to work in a leading online logo design company, and her works were featured several times on Logo Lounge – a research and networking website for designers who created corporate identities or logos.