Covid-19 Crisis Assessments

Penang’s Cruise Tourism Industry: Surviving the Covid-19 Perfect Storm

By Jeffrey Chew (Chairman of Penang Port Commission 2019-2020, Deputy General Manager of PDC 2015-2019, Special Investment Officer to the Chief Minister of Penang 2008-2015)   |   Posted on


  • The recent political upheaval and the Covid-19 pandemic have put enormous challenges before Penang’s cruise industry.
  • Policy makers in the Penang Cruise Industry need to study seriously the possibility of carrying through idea of homeporting Swettenham Pier.
  • Stakeholders in general will have to be bold and imaginative in identifying and embracing new opportunities that will come as the cruise liner market realigns itself worldwide.
  • The traditional heavy dependence on foreign tourists should be remedied, and a stronger focus put on stimulated domestic tourism.
  • All is not lost if the major stakeholders can work together towards a tight cooperation to sail the cruise industry through the Covid-19 perfect storm.