Penang In History

Penang Institute and George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) are organizing a ...

15-16 Sept'14 - The “Federalism in Malaysia: Design and Practice” Conference

Penang Institute, the public policy think tank of the Penang state government is proud t...

Brain Drain : Who Gains? Who Sacrifices?

* Please do note that due to unavoidable circumstances, the timing of the Penang Forum has...

Calling all George Town enthusiasts

Penang Institute is planning a study of the public realm in the George Town World Herita...

Penang In Asia Lecture Series - Lessons from the Financial Crisis for the Future of Asia

by Dheepan Rathakrishnan The Penang in Asia Lecture series is a lectureship awarded under...

  • Penang In History

  • 15-16 Sept'14 - The “Federalism in Malaysia: Design and Practice” Conference

  • Brain Drain : Who Gains? Who Sacrifices?

  • Calling all George Town enthusiasts

  • Penang In Asia Lecture Series - Lessons from the Financial Crisis for the Future of Asia

Economic Studies
The Economics Section undertakes active research into economics issues in Penang, Malaysia, South East Asia and Asia. We provide high impact, academically grounded, impartial and cutting edge analysis on the issues concerning the middle income trap, sustainable development and the growth of economies. We also look into business issues such as corporate governance, corporate financing and financial supervision.
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Urban Studies
The Urban Studies research cluster develops research and evidence for the formulation of policy which can promote the long-term sustainable development of Penang. The thematic areas of focus; sustainable urban development, housing and transport are brought together holistically to promote more joined up policy thinking.
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An analysis of the TPPA
We provide the numbers on Malaysia and a comparative analysis between the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) countries on various economic aspects. Among the 12 nations, Malaysia’s economic size is ranked sixth largest in terms of GDP, and it is the seventh most populous nation. When comparing the GDP per capita after adjusting the purchase power parity (PPP), Malaysia’s rank stands at a lowly ninth place (US$16,922), behind Chile and Singapore. However, Malaysia’s GDP growth at 5.61% in 2012 was the second highest among the 12 countries...
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Nusantara Studies
Nusantara Studies serves as a platform to foreground the worldview of intellectuals, literary and cultural figures and institutions of knowledge that have relevance to Penang and also have connection with the cultures of the Nusantara. Penang, which was once a very cosmopolitan meeting point of trade, culture and knowledge, was responsible for forging changes in society.
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Political & Social Analysis
A diverse team of scholars trained in political science, economics, international relations, gender studies, psychology and forensic science, we work on various issues and concerns related to political institutions and socio-economic policies in Penang and Malaysia. Our current projects cover federalism, constituency redelineation, social welfare policies in Penang, marginalization of Indians in Penang, women participation in workforce and education policy. Our works are part of the larger efforts of the
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History Studies
The History Studies of the Penang Institute focuses mainly on the history and heritage research of Penang and its region. This research intends to offer new ways to understand the connections between the past and present which throws light on social, economical, cultural and political changes in Penang and its surrounding states, but also Southeast Asia as a whole.
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In Penang Monthly

Exporting grey matter: What is the brain drain costing us?

Can there really be any benefits to the persistent brain drain out of Malaysia? The numbers seem to say so. But knowledge and skills are intangible commodities…
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From the CEO's Desk

GST and beyond

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been touted as a reform of the taxation system. As with other reforms, it is important to understand the…
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