Heritage & Urban Studies Programme

What is Heritage & Urban Studies Programme?

We study how urban living and heritage management develop in general, and in the special case of Penang. By participating in studies and research that are of interest to the various departments of the state apparatus, we contribute to policy discussions and provide intellectual inspiration for a more holistic development of Penang.

Who are the team members?

Braema Mathi, Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Braema Mathi (Mathiaparanam) is currently a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Penang Institute in Malaysia. Braema has worked as a teacher, a journalist, a researcher, and been a director of research and advocacy, director of programmes, head of corporate communications – with various organisations.

Tan Lii Inn, Analyst
Holds a Master’s Degree from Korea University, he was a recipient of POSCO Asia Fellowship. Through his academic background and practical experience gained from international organizations and research institutes, he has developed knowledge and understanding on topics ranging from international and regional affairs to urban and local issues. His research interests include, but not limited to, smart city, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), city-to-city cooperation, and paradiplomacy.

Pan Yi Chieh, Analyst
She received her M.A. in anthropology from Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, focusing on the historical formation of Penang Clan Jetties. She is now researching on the household structures and space uses of Clan Jetties’ communities.