Regional Studies & Governance Programme

What is Regional Studies & Governance Programme?

Regional and global trade was behind the founding of Penang as a trade and investment hub over two centuries ago. The regionality and globality of economics and culture continue to determine much of Penang’s and Malaysia’s fate. We watch with great interest the dynamics of regional politics today, alongside how governance in Malaysia responds to world events.

Who are the team members?

Mohd Izzuddin Ramli, Analyst
He received his master’s degree in Political Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His current research interests include contemporary journalism issues and media literacy in Malaysia. He also writes as a columnist for a local news portal. His works, which comprise of commentaries on politics, media, and society, have appeared in Penang Monthly, New Naratif and Nikkei Asian Review. He has also been published in Media and Elections: Democratic Transition in Malaysia (2018). His latest publication is Melayu atau Kemelayuan: Menelusuri Sejarah Idea (2019), the translation of Anthony Milner’s The Malays (2008).

Nidhal bin Mujahid, Analyst
Graduated from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) with a bachelor’s degree of Human Sciences in Political Sciences, his research interest includes the study of Muslim Diaspora in the 18th and 19th century and the relationship between culture and urbanization of Muslims in Penang. He writes occasionally about political Islam and subsequently reads about Malay issues.

Muhamad Nur Lokman Bin Ridzuan, Administrator / Analyst
He has a Bachelor of Art (Hons.) in International and Strategic Studies from the University of Malaya. He holds a deep interest International Relations, Regionalism, Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, Security (especially in border security and transnational crime), Southeast Asia Political Development & Counter-Terrorism.