Penang Economic and Development Report 2019-2020

The Penang Economic and Development Report 2019/2020 is a biennial report prepared by Penang Institute, and is commissioned by the Penang Economic Planning Division (BPEN). The report gives an overview of Malaysia’s economic performance and advancement, as well as a detailed analysis of Penang’s current development across various social and economic sectors. The report also presents a comprehensive analysis of the state’s current development in the sectors of manufacturing, services, construction and agriculture in relation to Covid-19. Environmental issues such as pollution and waste management are also discussed. In addition, a thorough analysis of the state’s public finance performance is included in this report.

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Penang’s Key Economic Highlights

Penang Key Statistical Tables

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Global and Malaysia’s Economic Performance

Chapter 2: Penang’s Macroeconomic Performance

Chapter 3: Sectoral Economic Developments and Prospects

Chapter 4: Environment

Chapter 5: State Financial Performance