Highlights at Penang Institute

Participation as a Speaker in the Webinar “Elections under Covid-19: The Singapore Experience”

Ms Braema Mathi, a Visiting Senior Research Fellow under Penang Institute’s History & Regional Studies programme was one of three speakers in a webinar titled “Elections under Covid-19: The Singapore Experience” which took place on February 24.

She contributed her ideas in a roundtable discussion to discuss Singapore’s experience and the contributions of the academia, private sector, and civil society in ensuring the safe conduct of the elections. This online webinar series was attended by policymakers and key officials from the government, leaders of local national political parties, think tanks, members of the academia and civil society organisations and the media.

The webinar was organised by the Ateneo School of Government (ASOG) through an initiative known as Project Participate – a non-partisan, non-profit movement dedicated to engage and empower the political participation of the Filipino people – in partnership with the De La Salle University-Institute of Governance, the National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL), Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO), and the Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS).

Ms Braema Mathi previously worked on a monograph published by Penang Institute titled “Elections in the Midst of Covid-19: Impact on Public Health and Democracy” and her latest article published by Penang Institute is titled “Preparing for the Future of Working Life”.