Penang Skilled Workforce Study

This report is commissioned by the Penang State Government as a result of continued concerns raised by the members of State Executive Councillor committee Human Resource Development with regards to the skill availability of high-qualified workers. The concerns lie on the misalignment of high-qualified workforce and market needs focusing in the core economic growth sectors. Penang Institute was encouraged by the committee to look into the subject, and provide analysis and suggestions for a human capital and skills strategy.

This report consists of two parts, namely main report and technical report. The framework of the study, analysis of labour market situations and the proposal of skill augmentation are included in the main report. Please click here for the full main report. To view a specific chapter, please click the following chapters.


Executive Summary

Ringkasan Eksekutif

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Framework for the study and key observations

Chapter 3: Approach and methodological notes

Chapter 4: High-qualified labour and skills: The demand side

Chapter 5: High-qualified labour and skills: The supply side

Chapter 6: Skill deficiencies and gaps: Upskilling infrastructure

Chapter 7: High-qualified labour and skills in core manufacturing industries

Chapter 8: High-qualified labour and skills in growing services industries

Chapter 9: Mobility of high-qualified labour

Chapter 10: Augmenting skills for the Next Economy: Ideas for a skills strategy

Technical Report is an addendum to this report, which records the details of identification, measurement, procedures, and techniques with regard to vacancy analysis and mobility patterns. To view this report, please click the following link: –

Appendices consist of additional information pertaining to vacancy database, employer survey, and details of educational institutions, which are not presented in this report. To view the details of Appendices of the main report, please click the following link: –