Penang Economic and Development Report 2017/2018

This biennial report is initiated by the Penang Economic Planning Division (BPEN), and Penang Institute is commissioned to prepare this report. The report presents an overview of Malaysia’s economic performance followed by an in-depth analysis of the present state of socio-economic development in Penang. This includes the sectoral developments, namely, manufacturing, services, construction and agriculture sectors.

This report also comprises the analysis of environmental issues such as pollution and waste management, as well as public finance performance. Please click here for the full report. To view a specific chapter, please click the following chapters.


Penang: Key Statistical Tables

Chapter 1: Global and Malaysia’s Economic Performance

Chapter 2: Penang’s Macroeconomic Performance

Chapter 3: Sectoral Economic Developments and Prospects

Chapter 4: Environment

Chapter 5: State Financial Performance