Malapportionment in the 2015 – 2016 Redelineation Exercises

malapportionment in constituencies map

Malapportionment of Constituencies:
Analysis of the 2016 Redelineation Proposal (First Display) for the Peninsula and Sabah
and the 2015 Redelineation Exercise for Sarawak

[Beta version 1.1] 22nd September, 2016

Prepared by
Dr Wong Chin Huat Yeong Pey Jung Ooi Kok Hin


Minimising Malapportionment Is A Key Purpose Of Redelineation

This is an overall analysis of malapportionment of 200 Parliamentary and 600 State constituencies in Malaysia, based on the Election Commission’s report to the Parliament on the 2015 Sarawak redelineation exercise and the 2016 redelineation proposal for the Peninsula states and Sabah which is on public display for 30 days from September 15 to October 14. The only exclusion in this report is Putrajaya and Labuan which are state-level units but have no sub-division for either parliamentary or state constituencies.

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Movement of Voters for the States of Malaya as per the 2016 Redelineation Proposal by the Election Commission

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