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Cambridge-trained Dr. Lim Kim Hwa joins Penang Institute

19 September 2012, George Town

Following the announcement last week on the appointment of Dr. Wong Chin Huat as a Fellow of the Penang Institute, we are pleased to announce the appointment of yet another distinguished scholar, a Penangite, as our Fellow, Dr. Lim Kim Hwa.

Dr. Lim Kim Hwa

Dr. Lim brings wide expertise in financial economics and accounting practice to his work in the Penang Institute. He has distinguished careers in accounting/auditing; academia and investment banking/fund management.

Dr. Lim is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and has worked for KPMG and Wilson Wright & Co., Chartered Accountants in London. Subsequently, he pursued a Ph.D. degree at the University of Cambridge and became the first Ph.D. graduate to be appointed Assistant Professor at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University immediately upon completion of the Ph.D. degree. His research work led to his appointment as an external consultant and subsequently as a full time Proprietary Trader at Credit Suisse in London. He then moved to Singapore to be the Director of Quantitative Trading at JL Capital. Dr. Lim remains engaged to academia and is currently a Fellow in Finance and Financial Reporting at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Lim holds Ph.D. and M.Phil in Finance (Distinction) degrees from the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the highest dissertation mark on the MPhil in Finance program from Cambridge University. He graduated with First Class Honours in Accounting and Finance from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is a proud student of Chung Ling High School Penang.

Penang Institute is lucky that the primal hometown tugs on the heart have helped motivate an accomplished scholar and successful professional like Lim Kim Hwa to come home and start a career as a public policy analyst.

With Dr. Lim’s multi-disciplinary expertise and his first-hand experiences in the finance industry, he will be working on the financial markets, e.g. ideas to restructure the financial markets to help enable Malaysia to escape from the middle-income trap.

Woo Wing Thye
Executive Director

2012 年9 月19 日

接着上个星期刚宣布黄进发博士正式加盟成为槟州研究所(Penang Institute)的研究员(fellow),现在我们欣然宣布另一位出色学者的加盟成为我们的研究员-林金华博士。

林博士拥有金融、经济及会计领域上的专业知识。除此之外,他也拥有会计审计、学术界和银行投资基金管理的杰出职业生涯。林博士是一位合格的会计师。他曾任职于伦敦的Wilson Wright & Co., Chartered Accountants及KPMG。他曾在英国剑桥大学进修博士学位,更是第一位毕业后就被聘请为剑桥大学嘉治商学院(Judge Business School)讲师的博士毕业生。毕业论文引领他任职为伦敦瑞信公司(Credit Suisse)的外部顾问,再成为全职的专职操盘手(Proprietary Trader)。之后,他迁移到新加坡,在JL Capital 的Quantitative Trading公司任职为主管。同时他也从事学术工作,目前是剑桥大学金融与财务汇报的研究员(Fellow)。

林博士拥有剑桥大学金融博士及哲学硕士(荣誉)学位。此外,他也荣获剑桥大学金融哲学硕士学位论文最高分数。他以第一荣誉毕业于坎特伯雷(Canterbury)肯特大学(University of Kent)会计与金融,更是槟城钟灵中学的骄傲。

槟州研究所很幸运地能够聘请到一位像林金华这样的全面性学者及成功的专业人士回到出生地任职为公共政策分析员。以林博士的多学科专业知识及金融业上的经验,他将着重于金融市场研究,例如重组金融市场并帮助马来西亚脱离中等收入陷阱(middle-income trap)的专题研究。