Penang Institute Newsletter

As one of Malaysia’s major think tanks, Penang Institute participates in public discourse, identifies both negative and positive socioeconomic trends in state, national and regional development, and attempts persistently to influence policy making in the state and the country. This Newsletter provides summary information on events at the Institute and their significance, and on the Institute’s participation in public life over the previous month. It will forthwith be distributed regularly by email.

November 2021 – Exposure Keeps Us Culturally Healthy

October 2021 – The Post-Covid Reality Is A Political Process

September 2021 – Correct Data And Its Strong Sense Of Community Should Get Penang Through

August 2021 – Tough Days Ahead for Everyone

July 2021 – Can Today’s Young Still Rely on the Old to Lead Them?

June 2021 – We Have No Choice But To Stay Optimistic

May 2021 – Being Creative Together

April 2021 – Regional Matters Matter a Lot to Penang

March 2021 – The Ending Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Begins

February 2021 – The Wave of Helplessness and Pessimism Ebbs

January 2021 – Hopefully Hobbling into the New Decade

December 2020 – Beyond (Vision) 2020, More Individual Agency And Greater Sense Of Realism Needed

November 2020 – Going Green in Penang

October 2020 – The Future Belongs To Those Literate In Social Media And In Digital Technology

September 2020 – Planning For A Future Beyond Covid-19

August 2020 – Defining the New Normal

July 2020 – Expanding Collaborations

June 2020 – Towards Recovery

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