Highlights at Penang Institute

PechaKucha X The FLAG

PechaKucha, Japanese for “chitchat,” was founded by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, serving as a global storytelling platform that celebrates people, passion, and creativity while aiming to connect individuals worldwide. The unique 20×20 presentation format features a non-stop slideshow of 20 images, each auto-advancing every 20 seconds. Speakers are allotted 400 seconds to share their stories, guided by compelling visuals. Penang proudly serves as the authorized city for PechaKucha, with BETA Architects organising since 2017.

This year marks a special collaboration as BETA partners with FLAG, the Forum for Leadership and Governance to present PechaKucha Night Penang Volume 19. FLAG is committed to nurturing sustainable networks and engaging individuals from various sectors for fruitful discussions.

PechaKucha Night Penang Volume 19 is a special edition celebrating World Architecture Day 2023. The theme “Our Architecture, Our Heritage” is enriched by the design philosophies of Adela Askandar, John Bulcock, and Tan Bee Eu, visionaries in adaptive reuse projects.

Adela Askandar, a proud Penangite, is the founder of Studio Bikin, recognised for its unwavering support of local materials and the creation of durable and climate-suited design. Notable among Studio Bikin’s projects is The Row, seamlessly blends old and new, breathing new life into a 1950s heritage district while preserving its historical essence. John Bulcock, the founder of Design Unit Sdn. Bhd. has been commissioned for various projects in Malaysia since 1994. With projects like Paramit Factory and Aemulus at the Runway, he’s become known for his honest and unconventional approach to low energy and sustainable architecture. Tan Bee Eu of BETA Architects is also an dedicated advocate of sustainability. Her firm belief in the notion of old is gold has led to the success of acclaimed projects such as Kedah Digital Library and Penang Harmony Centre.

PechaKucha Night Penang Volume 19 received an enthusiastic response, drawing a diverse audience. Attendees gained valuable insights, and the shared knowledge is poised to drive positive changes within the industry. Anticipating the next volume of PechaKucha, the journey of global connectivity and creative storytelling continues.

pechakucha x flag