Highlights at Penang Institute

Participation as Speaker/Panelist in the Economics Expo: Blue Economy for Sustainable Future Forum

Dr Negin Vaghefi, a Senior Analyst under the Socioeconomics & Statistics programme in Penang Institute (top left in image) was a speaker/panelist for a forum titled “Blue Economy for Sustainable Future Forum” organised by Universiti Utara Malaysia. The objective of this online forum was to deepen the students’ knowledge regarding the vital role of the blue economy in providing a sustainable future, its potential in Malaysia, and its long-term benefits.

Main topics discussed in the panel discussion were 1) potential of the Blue Economy in Malaysia; 2) economic valuation of coastal and marine resources; 3) unsustainable use of the natural resources; 4) opportunities for climate change mitigation and adaptation; 5) ocean plastic pollution; and 6) impact of Covid-19 on the Blue Economy.