Publicity Unit

We are looking for candidates who:
1. Are from relevant fields such as advertising, language, publicity, PR and others (optional)
2. Have good command of English
3. Are able to use simple graphic designing apps such as Piktochart, Canva or any other designing applications.
4, Have basic video and audio editing skills
5. Are resourceful and proactive

Job scope:
1. Content creation (infographics on trending issues and to summarise our publications) to be posted on Penang Institute’s social media platforms.
2. Digital Marketing – analysing Penang Institute’s social media and website analytics, and posting content on Penang Institute’s social media platforms.
3. Aid in editing video and audio for podcast.
4. Preparing contact lists (emails, instagram contacts and so on) to increase engagement and presence.

Interested individuals may apply by sending in a cover letter, their CV, and a 1-page infographic on any current issue, and state their period of availability, to The cover letter should include the motivations and objectives for this internship, the desired achievements and goals, and subsequent plans after the internship.