Distribution Executive

General Job Description

A Distribution Executive is responsible for overseeing the efficient and timely movement of parcels and documents from the source to the destination. You are expected to coordinate logistics, manage inventory, optimize delivery routes, and ensure client satisfaction while adhering to budgetary and operational objectives. You are also required to work in a variety of settings and may include selecting, acquiring, sourcing, cataloguing, classifying, circulating and maintaining resource centre materials.

    Duties and Responsibilities

  • To take charge of Penang Monthly’s distribution;
  • To deliver and pickup mail, messages, documents, packages and other items to and from client offices, the post office, or any other location that may be required;
  • To code, sort, classify and catalog books, publications, videos and any other resource centre materials based on subject matter or standard library classification systems;
  • To support front office management including but not limited to greeting and welcoming guests, receiving and delivering all incoming and outgoing mail and packages, answering all calls and directing as needed, scheduling meetings, and coordinating office activities; and
  • To assist in Penang Institute’s building management and events when the need arises;

    Minimum Qualifications and Experiences Required

  • At least a Diploma in relevant discipline with relevant working experience;
  • Hold a valid driving license in Malaysia. A motorcycle driving license is a plus;
  • Possess good communication skills in English;
  • Bilingual or multilingual proficiency is a plus;
  • Able to perform under demanding and time-sensitive environment;
  • Able to work outside normal office hours as and when required;
  • Good timeliness and punctuality; and
  • Based in Penang.