Highlights at Penang Institute

Research Visit by MMU on Penang’s Hawking Industry

Following our research publication on the sustainability of food hawking industry in Penang, Dr Yvonne Lee and Dr Tan, lecturers from the Faculty of Management, Multimedia University met with our Socioeconomics and Statistics Programme team to better understand the research done on Penang’s food hawkers, and also other works of our Institute.

The former is in line with a two-year research project to be carried out by the faculty members on utilising digital economy elements in Penang’s heritage street food. Besides, potential areas of collaboration with MMU in this project were also discussed.

The research paper “Making Food Hawking in Penang Sustainable” by Nicholas Chong was quoted in Guang Ming Daily and The Star on 24th March and 30th September 2019 respectively.

Read the ISSUES here: penanginstitute.org/publications/issues/making-food-hawking-in-penang-sustainable/