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Chief Minister Launches ‘Phase 2: Accelerating Penang2030’ and Penang2030 Website

On the 5th of November 2021, Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow launched ‘Phase 2: Accelerating Penang2030’ and the updated Penang2030 website. The event was held in Penang Institute as well as on ZOOM to cater to attendees who were not able to make it physically. Present as the audience on-site as well as on ZOOM were journalists and/or editors from various media companies. Below is the press statement issued for this event.

Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow Launches ‘Phase 2: Accelerating Penang2030’ and the Penang2030 Website
DATE: November 5, 2021
VENUE: Penang Institute (10, Jalan Brown)

Penang2030: A Family-focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation” was first announced in August 2018 by Penang’s Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow, and numerous initiatives have since taken place under the umbrella of the vision. The outbreak of the Covid- 19 pandemic, however, provided a new rationale and new experiences for a reprioritising of Penang2030’s themes.

Today, three years into the Vision’s timeline, YAB Chow Kon Yeow is launching the Penang2030 Website (penang2030.com), within which the major pillars of Phase 2: Accelerating Penang2030 are presented to the public. The website also collates for easy public access information about projects that have been started or completed since YAB Chow took office following the May 2018 election.

From the start, Penang2030 has been conceived as an invitation to the People of Penang and those concerned with the wellbeing of the state to participate in its broad development. That invitation still repeated today, and after the pandemic, the need for public engagement is stronger than ever, with the State preparing itself for a digitalisation push into the future.

Phase 2 of Penang2030 as a strategy complements the state’s Covid-19 recovery plan, and accelerates the Penang2030 vision. It is based on three sets of initiatives which together cover all vital aspects of Penang ‘s economic growth and socioeconomic recovery

These are (1) The Placemaking Initiatives; (2) The Community-building Initiatives, and; (3) The Industry Engagement Initiatives.

“The Placemaking Initiatives” highlight specific areas in the state where specific developmental dynamics will be concentrated. For now, these include the Creative Digital District (CD2 – “CDSquare”) area around China Street Ghaut and Beach Street, the Middle Bank Marine Sanctuary and Gurney Wharf. More details can be found on the Website.

“The Community-building Initiatives” bring agencies and elected representatives together to actively promote and coordinate volunteerism in the state and to engage with the population as a whole.

“The Industry Engagement Initiatives” focus on tripartite efforts between the government, civil society and the private sector to build further on Penang’s manufacturing ecosystem, broaden the state’s investor base and prepare for the digital future.

The revamped website will function as a one-stop platform for information related to Penang2030. For example, its Rated Pg2030 page reports on projects happening throughout the state which contribute to the vision, while its Resources page directs viewers to reports, government policies and master plans related to the development of the state.

This launch includes a walkthrough of the Penang2030 website by YAB Chow Kon Yeow and ends with a Question-and-Answer session.