Highlights at Penang Institute

Making Penang More of a University State

Last week, a pivotal meeting between members of Penang Institute and Universiti Sains Malaysia took place to discuss future collaborative efforts. Dato’ Dr. Ooi Kee Beng, Executive Director of Penang Institute welcomed the new Vice-Chancellor of USM, Professor Dr. Faisal Rafiq to Penang to consider the vision of making Penang more of a university state. Dato’ Dr. Ooi then introduced all the Head of Departments of USM to the Penang State Government’s Penang2030 vision and objectives, and also Penang Institute’s research directions.

During the Q and A session, questions asked included how USM’s research can reach a wider audience and create impact, and how USM can contribute to the Penang2030 vision; Penang Institute’s research in the areas of agriculture and urban development, etc. A quick-win measure agreed to by both was for USM researchers to contribute to Penang Institute’s “Penang Monthly”. This is an established platform that makes academic knowledge more accessible to the state government and the Penang public.