Highlights at Penang Institute

Creative Industries Cluster Research Recce to KL

Our Creative Industries Cluster recently made a visit to KL to gain insights on the ecosystem of its creative industries.

The first stop was Riuhinthecity’s office where its officers shared the concept and good case practices of their large scale pop-up market – RIUH – which happens once every two months. Our cluster members also had the opportunity to attend the last RIUH for the year which took place at Sentul Depot – providing them the opportunity to speak directly with its vendors.

The visit followed with an enlightening discussion with Universiti Malaya’s research team on creative hubs coordinated by Dr. Simon Soon (Malaysia Design Archive). Among the many matters discussed and exchange of experiences, a pivotal matter was on identifying the different manners to describe the creative industries.

Some of the takeaways from this visit will be shared in our Penang Monthly February issue next year. Stay tuned!