Highlights at Penang Institute

[Bel Retiro Roundtable] Penang in 2050: Staking the Path to Sustainability

Penang Institute organised on 14 November, 2023, the inaugural Bel Retiro Roundtable that saw a small group of prominent thought-leaders, decision-makers, captains of industry, and civil society activists deliberate on the topic of “Penang in 2050: Staking the Path to Sustainability”. Hosted by the Governor of Penang, His Excellency Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, at his residence on Penang Hill, the half-day event heard more than a dozen prominent individuals share their concerns, ideas, and hopes on the challenges facing Penang and Malaysia in the next few decades and beyond.

As expressed by Dato’ Dr Ooi Kee Beng in his opening address, it was a gathering to “discuss what you in your wildest dreams, perhaps, wish for in the Penang of your great-grandchildren.”

Among those in attendance were Deputy Finance Minister Steven Sim, Chairman of the George Town Institute of Open and Advanced Studies, Andrew Sheng, former CEO of Digital Penang Tony Yeoh, state assemblyman for Bukit Tengah, Gooi Hsiao Leung, Marine Environment Hon. Professor, Prof. Dato’ Dr Zulfigar Yasin, Chairman of the Pacific Tiger Group as well as The Habitat, Harry Cockrell, Penang Hill Corporation General Manager Dato’ Cheok Lay Leng, prominent lawyer Lee Khai, and owner of Bon Ton Langkawi and ChinaHouse, Penang, Narelle McMurtrie.

The Bel Retiro 2023 Proceedings can be viewed or downloaded here.

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