Past Events

Zunar: Cartoon Exhibit and Talk

Penang Institute is proud to host “Zunar: Cartoon Exhibit and Talk” which is scheduled as follows:

Date: December 15, Saturday
Time: 3pm – 4:30pm (registration starts at 2:30pm)
Venue: Penang Institute

People often underestimate art as a way to express dissent – until the momentum has gathered, and art becomes a symbol of protest. Then the cuffs come in, and those behind the easel find themselves behind bars.

Yet many carry on, not fearing incarceration. Zunar, who was once the most heralded and harassed political cartoonist in Malaysia, has had his artwork confiscated, has been imprisoned – still, he picked his pen up and ploughed on, firmly believing that laughter is “the best protest and a very powerful protest”.

Pen and paper have been his only weapons. Through political cartoons, he fights state corruption and abuse of power, and draws for freedom of speech and expression. Laughter can be a weapon, and while political cartoons are usually humorous, the underlying message is often a powerful one. It can potentially move mountains.