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4 Sep’17 – Mandarin Forum: Taiwan’s New Electoral System and Its Political Consequence

taiwans new electoral system


Penang Institute, the public policy think tank of the Penang state government is proud to host a mandarin forum entitled “Taiwan’s New Electoral System and Its Political Consequence 选制改革对台湾政党政治的影响” which will be scheduled as follows:-

Date     : 4 September 2017  (Monday)
Time    : 8.00pm (Registration starts at 7.30pm)
Venue : Conference Hall 1, Penang Institute, No. 10, Jalan Brown, George Town, Penang
Prior to 2008, Taiwan used the Single-Non- Transferable Vote (SNTV) system to elect its legislators. Since 2008, a new electoral system, which is known as the “Mixed-Member Majoritarian (MMM) system”, has being adopted in Taiwan for its legislative election. This new electoral system combines First-Past- The-Post (FPTP) with party-list proportional
representation (PR). Different electoral systems resulted in different political impacts, while the change of the electoral system will influence a country’s political development, the development of political parties, and voters’

This talk will focus on how the design of electoral system affects the electoral strength of the party, further influences the dynamic development of the party system in Taiwan, and it also has an important effect on achieving representative politics and electoral representativeness.

Dr. Chiung Chu LIN
Dr. Lin is an Associate Professor in Soochow University, Taiwan. She received her PhD from the Department of Government, University of Essex, UK. Her research interests include voting behaviour and party politics.

Dr. Toh Kin Woon
Dr. Toh is a fellow of Political Studies Programme at Penang Institute. He was previously a State Executive Councillor of Penang State Government.

Due to limited seating, we encourage you reserve your participation here as soon as possible.