Highlights at Penang Institute

Bridging Gaps in Terms of Smart Mobility for Penang

A key meeting was initiated between Penang Institute, MBPP, PDC Telco and FETC (Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection) with the purpose of bridging the gaps in terms of Smart Mobility for Penang—aligning with one of Penang2030’s strategic initiative: integrate municipal services with smart technologies. This is following Penang Institute’s research development on digitization and smart city plans, and involvement with Asian Development Bank’s team of consultants on the Green Transportation Study for Penang.

For your information, FETC is awarded by Taiwanese Government to build and operate the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System for the nationwide freeways, and is responsible for the Taiwan ETC total solution, including front-end and back-end systems as well as business model, from planning, designing, building, testing, and operation.

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