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The Rise of China and the Question of the Confucian World Order

Penang Institute is proud to host a public lecture entitled “The Rise of China and the Question of the Confucian World Order” which is scheduled as follows:

        Date        : 17 November 2017 (Friday)
        Time       : 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM; Door Opens 5.30pm
        Venue     : Conference Hall 1, Penang Institute, No. 10, Jalan Brown, George Town, Penang

The Rise of China and the Question of the Confucian World Order

Professor Joyce Liu will address the question of epistemic imperialism and discursive coloniality in Confucianism as perceived in the context of East Asia. She will put into perspective contemporary tension of power reshuffling between Pax Americana and Pax Sinica in order to discuss the meaning of the renaissance of Confucianism in China in recent decades. It would be difficult to think the possibility of epidemic decoloniality either in East Asia or in the global context unless we unmask the lure of Confucianism which regains its great impact in the age of neo-liberalist capitalism in the 21st century.
Joyce C. H. Liu

Joyce C.H. Liu is Professor of Critical Theory, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature in the
Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. She is currently the Chair of the Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies that she founded in 2002. She is also the Director of the International Institute for Cultural Studies of the University System of Taiwan. She has served as the chief editor of the only journal of cultural studies in Taiwan, Routers: A Journal of Cultural Studies, since 2011.
She has been a critic of East-Asian modernity and internal coloniality, particularly through re-reading Chinese intellectual history of the twentieth century and the contemporary geo-politics in inter-Asian societies. Her works concentrate on the question of aesthetics, ethics, and politics, ranging from contemporary critical theories to Chinese political thoughts, to questions of border politics, unequal citizenship, internal coloniality, and visual studies.

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