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28 Jul’17 – Mandarin Forum: Rights-Based Approach to Development

rights based approach to development

Penang Institute, the public policy think tank of the Penang state government is proud to host a mandarin forum entitled “Rights-Based Approach to Development” which will be scheduled as follows:-

Date     : 28 July 2017  (Friday)
Time    : 8.00pm (Registration starts at 7.30pm)
Venue : Conference Hall 1, Penang Institute, No. 10, Jalan Brown, George Town, Penang
More often than not, when one speaks about human rights, many would immediately relate it to freedom of speech, or an extended version of the right to justice or even media freedom, etcetera. Thus many would also take form as rally such as Bersih, claiming it for clean and fair election, a cause for human right. However, these are all reactive approaches which were undertaken by most human rights activist. One will seldom consider rights- based approach (RBA) in the early stages of planning for policy or development, which we consider a more proactive approach to human rights.

Such proactive approach or the RBA is explicitly based on some substantive and procedural principles for development efforts. Importantly, it implies four main obligations for the states or duty bearers to “respect”, “protect”, “promote”, and “fulfill” human rights. Contrary to the traditional approach, the RBA emphasizes that the process of development is as important as the result achieved.

This forum will discuss on the linkages between human rights and development, elements of RBA and how it can be implemented in development policy as well as its benefits and challenges.

Due to limited seating, we encourage you reserve your participation here as soon as possible.

每当提及人权,通常许多人会立即将其与言论自由、扩大版的司法权 或媒体自由等等联系起​​来。其中,也有一些如净选盟一样的游行, 声称为了干净和公平的选举等等的人权活动。然而,这些都是大多数 人权活跃份子所采取的反应式方法。在规划政策或计划发展的早期阶 段,人们很少会考量到更为主动的人权方针,即以权利为本位的“权本 方针”。

于发展观而言,“权本方针” 明确以一些实质性和程序性的原则为根基。重要的是,这意味国家或责任承担者有着四项主要的义务,即 “尊重” 、“保护” 、“促进” 和 “兑现” 人权。与传统方针相反,“权本方针” 则强调发展进程与实现结果是同等重要的。

是次论坛将论及人权与发展之间的联系、“权本方针” 的元素、如何在发展政策中实施该方针、其利益和挑战等。


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