Visualisations of Key Indicators

Penang Institute is proud to present this webpage dedicated to vital statistics about the state of Penang. What’s more, it comes in interactive format.

The visualisation tools that we use to illustrate long-term trends and patterns in an easily comprehensible form will hopefully inspire users to communicate with the data in effective and cogent ways.

The Penang-relevant and Malaysia-relevant data found on this page are mainly socio-economic in nature, which include information about Gross Domestic Product, external trade, graduate employability, labour situation, public finance, et cetera. Each visual is accompanied by a short analysis often highlighting key trends and outliers in the statistics.

To enable a full use of visualisations, the graphics are also available for download in the forms of spreadsheets, images, as PDFs or as PowerPoint presentation.

Covid-19 Data Snapshots for Malaysia

1. Gross Domestic Product

2. Manufacturing

3. External Trade

4. Population and Demographics

5. Labour Force

6. Graduate Employability

7. Healthcare

8. State Finance

9. Property

10. Gender