History & Heritage Programme

Current projects

Review of the Penang State Library

Research and Document primary sources on the Poh Choo Seah and the Straits Chinese Associations

Research on the History of the pre-war development of Bukit Mertajam

Previous projects

Transcribing the private letters of Dr. Wu Lien Teh

Compiling statistical data of Central Province Wellesley from the Straits Settlements Blue Book

Compiling old newspaper cuttings on Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu

Research on the history of the Chinese Recreation Club, Penang

Research on the post-war development of Penang during Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee’s tenure

Aceh-Penang Trade and Chinese Mercantile Networks in the 19th century

Khaw Family Networks and the Rise of the Khaw Group

Chingay in Penang: History of A Diminishing Chinese Folk Acrobatic Arts