Penang Institute has an ongoing internship programme and welcomes young scholars who wish to gain insight and first-hand experience working with researchers, policy experts, government agencies and NGOs. Each intern will be designated a project according to their interests and academic background, and will be placed under the supervision of a mentor. Being a state-linked think tank, Penang Institute is able to offer interns the chance to participate and contribute meaningfully towards the socio-economic development of Penang.

The internship period must be for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months. Towards the end of the internship programme, interns are expected to give an inhouse presentation and publish at least one article based on their research . Candidates are expected to bear all costs of living during the period of internship (including board, lodging and travel).

The programme seeks talents with a passion for public policy issues and is open to both local and international undergraduate/postgraduate students and fresh graduates. However, please note that internship placement is based on project availability and supervisor’s availability at your proposed internship period. Acceptable research areas include:

– Socioeconomics and Statistics Programme
– Heritage & Urban Studies Programme
– History & Regional Studies Programme
Publicity Unit
– Executive Director’s Office
– Administration Unit

As for internship opportunities with our Penang Monthly team, kindly refer to > “join us”.

Interested individuals may apply by sending in an application letter, their CV, and a 1-2 page research proposal, and state their period of availability, to Applicants who are applying for the Administration Unit need not prepare a research proposal. For the Publicity unit, please click here for further information on the application process.

Penang Institute’s internship programme has been successfully running since 2010, attracting students from all over the world and from world-renowned universities.