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Current projects

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

The 2016 Budget and Economic Outlook

Oil Price 2015

Penang Economic Indicators | Jan 2015

The Economic Costs & Benefits of Brain Drain from Malaysia

The State of Penang’s Industrial Base

Previous projects

The Impact of the Goods & Services Tax on Malaysian Households

Penang Paradigm – Economic Dynamism
The ‘Economic Dynamism’ section is one of three core pillars proposed in the Penang Paradigm to direct the state's development agenda for the next decade. The Economic Dynamism sets out a publically endorsed vision for Penang where its economic potential and its potential are developed simultaneously and to their fullest extent. This section critically analyses the current situation and proposes a strategy to improve the economic growth drivers of Penang.

Re-examining State Finances & Governance: The Challenge for Penang

Penang Industrial Talent Requirement Study 2011/12

PDC Business Intelligence Reports

Higher Education as a Source of Economic Growth: Input-Output Analysis

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